Hulled Confectionary Sunflower Kernels

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  • Brand   SHAN DONG HANA
  • Type   Hulled Confectionary Sunflower Kernels
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Product Description: Confectionary sunflower kernels are from the raw sunflower seeds grown in Northeast of China and processed through foreign material elimination, shelling, drying, color sorting and hand picking. Machineries are used such as advanced destoner, color sorter, X-Ray, metal detector and automatic packing, etc., which will guarantee the quality and safety of the products together with the hand picking step.

Origin: China

Ingredients: 100% confectionary sunflower kernels

Certificates: Certified by HACCP, BRC (Grade A), Kosher

Products Specifications:

Flavor: Typical of sunflower kernels

Odor: Typical of sunflower kernels

Color: Grey white

Physical Specifications:

550 counts per ounce

Moisture: <7.5%

Purity: >99.95%

Imperfect: <3%

Broken Kernels: <7%

Packing: 25 kg paper bags with four layers

Shelf Life: 12 months under cool & dry storage

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